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Woonoz catalogue of off-the-shelf training modules

Mastering the fundamentals of digital

The digital world is changing constantly. For a vast majority of companies, in order to avoid being left behind it is essential to master the fundamentals of digital. This module will enable you to become familiar with the basic notions, to better understand the different social networks and media, to apprehend the new mobile tools as well as the stakes associated with the digital world.



Protection of personal data

Information and communication technologies offer an ever increasing range of possibilities. However, they also create huge quantities of personal data that needs to be protected: no one wants to find a file containing confidential personal information freely available for download via a search engine. Woonoz is fully aware of the stakes and has joined forces with consultancy firm Lamy Lexel to propose a module that aims to raise your employees’ awareness to the processing of such information.


IT & security

Computer security concerns all employees in a company. In the race for ever more digitalisation, vulnerabilities and risks have increased significantly. Hacking, ransomware, viruses, etc. the methods used to attack computers and information systems have also proliferated. Yet, most of the attacks or risks associated with a digital environment could be countered by adopting simple measures and behaviours. This module focuses on 70 behaviours and measures aimed at identifying, flushing out and foiling most of the vulnerabilities and risks that affect your company in its everyday activities.


Digital transformation

We continuously hear about digital innovation. It moves very fast and regularly changes our working environment, introducing new requirements but also new opportunities. This training is composed of nine modules and aims to provide you with a solid knowledge base that will enable you to acquire a real “digital culture”. Whether you are a player in the digital industry, seeking to better grasp the stakes for your business, tools, work methods… Learn at your own pace and anchor your knowledge with Woonoz.


Finance for non-specialists

If you don’t have a background in the field finance can sometimes be a true headache. Yet, all managers should be capable of understanding the fundamental mechanisms and levers that affect the financial performance of their company. This module will enable you to become familiar with the vocabulary used in accounting and finance, to better understand the impact of your decisions on the financial health of your company or better understand the requirements set by the management team in terms of investments and returns.


Prevention of terror attacks

The risk of terror attacks is never far from the news headlines. Although such attacks can occur at any location, due to the large number of people that visit them supermarkets and malls are particularly exposed in this respect. Based on the guidelines published by the French authorities and in partnership with security experts in the industry, Woonoz has created a module dedicated to ‘Terror attack awareness’. This training module aims to raise individual awareness and create reflexes for all employees concerning these risks.


Improving spelling skills in French language thanks to ‘Projet Voltaire’

Whether you are a pupil, a student or an employee it is important to have good spelling skills. Created at the initiative of businesses, ‘Projet Voltaire’ is the leading solution for improving spelling skills in French language. From the fundamentals to the more complex grammatical rules, our training modules create a truly individualised learning path for the users. They are used by more than 5 million users, 2,500 French schools and 700 companies.


iBellule mail: the best practices for writing e-mails

In France alone more than a billion emails are exchanged every day and they represent the main method of communication for businesses. Although they are easy to use and fast, they are nevertheless subject to rules. Who can say they never clicked ‘Send’ too quickly? This module will introduce you to 42 best practices when writing emails, for a more serene approach to digital correspondence.

Why Memory Anchoring®?

Memory Anchoring® delivers outstanding results

Woonoz revolutionary Memory Anchoring® technology makes it possible to assimilate four times more information than any other method. Typically, trainees only retain approximately 20 % of the content of a training course, whether it is delivered face to face or through e-learning. Woonoz radically changes this outcome while at the same time ensuring that 10 times more participants achieve excellence. According to a survey conducted with our clients, before benefiting from training sessions based on Memory Anchoring® only 6% of employees achieved 75% or more of correct answers at the final assessment test. After completing the modules proposed by Woonoz, the average rate of participants who achieved excellence soared to 93%! Memory Anchoring® guarantees fast and long-lasting memorisation, regardless of the participants’ initial level.