Protection des données personnelles

All employees need to acquire the appropriate reflexes in terms of General Data Protection Regulation before May 25th 2018.

The Personal Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will become effective as of May 25th, 2018. This doesn’t concern jurists only. All businesses that deal with data are affected. Companies are responsible for taking all measures necessary to ensure that their data processing procedures comply with PDPR. Any failure in this respect may result in heavy legal and financial penalties that may reach up to 20 million euros depending on the nature of the breach. More than enough for any company to take the new regulations seriously.


Master the vocabulary, concepts and new requirements and obligations associated with GDPR
Identify the impact of GDPR on the company and its Information System in particular
Acquire the appropriate reflexes when processing data on a daily basis
Assess risks for the company in case of non-compliance with the new regulations
Prepare and implement an action plan to achieve GDPR compliance

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1 or 2 hours of immersion to master 38 key points

Chapter 1

Personal Data and GDPR
Identifying a physical person
The date that enable identification
Data processing
Print vs digital material
Exceptions to the regulation

Chapter 2

Principles of GDPR
Legality, loyalty and transparency
Protection of minors
Collecting sensitive data
Data forwarding
Data processing manager

Chapter 3

Consent and GDPR
Obligation of consent
Limitation of uses
Transfer of date to third parties
Use of cookies
Withdrawal of consent

Chapter 4

GDPR obligations & requirements
Obligation of inform
Keeping a log
Obligation to ensure data security
Data protection
Penalties in case of non-compliance

Chapter 5

Rights of the individuals concerned
Right to access personal data
Right to delete personal data
Right to refuse
Rights regarding portability
Right to limit usage


A personalised training track alternating tests and revisions
An initial assessment of knowledge
Memory Anchoring® sessions
Final assessment of knowledge

WOONOZ in partnership with LAMY LEXEL legal firm

Lamy Lexel is a legal firm specialised in social law, tax law, stock exchange regulations and criminal business law. The firm offer their services and expertise to French and international companies using innovative and personalised solutions.

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