• active learning by questioning / correction / then the systematic explanation of each key point to memorize;
  • identification of memory characteristics (memory profile) of the user taking into account each answer they give;
  • dynamic creation and continual mapping of knowledge.
    Each key point is listed and the level of the user’s memorization is individually maintained;
  • individualized and dynamic energy focus. The engine selects the key point (exercise) after taking into account the cognitive profile of the person who is training and the status of the knowledge mapping;
  • real-time analysis of motivation and automatic triggering of re-motivating actions…


A technology developed by Woonoz facilitating lasting memorization of information (medium or long term) for a person.

Memorization is a complex operation drawing on numerous mechanisms used in different ways from one person to another.

As such, each person memorizes in a manner all of their own.

The objective of the techniques used by Woonoz Memory Anchoring® is to build on the knowledge of one or more mechanisms governing memorization in order to optimize the relationship of lasting memorization / effort.

The ultimate goal is to ensure rapid, sustained memorization and even reflex recall of required information.


Given the challenges of investment in training, it will no longer be justifiable to see them evaporate in a few days by being forgotten.

J.Y Motel, HR Director, Evolution group, ex-HR Director System U North-West

How to Get
a Custom Fit


4 to 6 weeks

  1. You explain your problem to us, we work together for 2 to 4 hours
  2. We define a draft work program
  3. We prepare or you prepare this program (different rate)
  4. We integrate all this into the Woonoz solution
  5. You validate (or return to point 4)
  6. Together we launch the distribution to teams


Increase the level of expertise of hairdresser trainers and representatives in hair coloring techniques.

  • Certify this level.
  • 36 countries. 9 languages.


Guarantee proficiency in the economic model of ERDF grants to access higher level training.

  • Validate a minimum level for access to higher level training.
  • France, 2600 people.


To ensure proficiency in the fundamentals of NTIC (networks, mobile terminals, social networks, etc.) for advisors of agencies located in Île-de-France.

  • Certify the level of advisors.
  • 3600 people.

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