Neurosciences + Adaptive Learning = Memory Anchoring®

Examples of fields of application for Memory Anchoring®

Whether you are looking to boost your sales teams to ensure they perform better, or wish to raise staff awareness with respect to digital, promote the quality of your customer relationships, improve safety for your teams or assets, or consolidate expertise, Woonoz can propose online training solutions adapted to each of your needs and requirements.

Training to achieve excellence in sales

Thanks to Woonoz Memory Anchoring® e-learning technology your sales team’s performance will reach its full potential. Knowledge anchoring enables your staff to perfectly master products and sales arguments. In addition, the anchoring of behavioural reflexes will improve their interpersonal skills, in particular with respect to hospitality and listening skills, as well as their ability to market your products. In a nutshell, your sales teams sell better and across a broader range, which results in a significant boost to your sales!

Training to customer relations

Learning how to smile at people, how to greet them: the customer relationship is essential to the growth of any business as it encompassed aspects such as loyalty, satisfaction and trust. Thanks to the behavioural anchoring solutions developed by Woonoz your staff can quickly acquire knew knowledge and more importantly the right reflexes to adopt when dealing with customers. This leads to enhanced client experience and greater satisfaction.

Training module on the safety of individuals and property

Risks associated with the safety of people and property (workplace and occupational accidents, holdups, terrorist attacks, etc.) are an important aspect for any business. However, due to the environment in which they operate certain companies and trades are more exposed than others. Woonoz has applied its expertise to this issue and proposes training modules based on behavioural anchoring – a method that places the emphasis on the situational implementation of knowledge. Indeed, in many situations adopting the right reflexes is not optional, it’s a necessity.

Training module on Digital Transformation

Social networks, e-commerce, mobile apps, web marketing, customer relationship… Technology has significantly impacted our everyday lives, including many aspects at work. This means that it is essential to ensure that staff members are familiar with this new digital world. Woonoz has designed a programme that covers all aspects of businesses’ digital transformation. It includes both short and long training sessions adapted to all fields of activity and is available in form of off the shelf or bespoke modules. It is also possible to offer a training certification attesting to the successful completion of the programmes.

Training modules on trade-specific expertise

Improving the business expertise of your staff through training is an essential and strategic lever for all companies, both in order to enable new recruits to become rapidly operational and to certify the level of competence of the teams that are already in place. Woonoz Memory Anchoring® satisfies all these needs and enables your company to stay on top of its game in its field. Thanks to Woonoz it is now possible to manage the level of expertise of the company’s employees.

Training module on legal and regulatory aspects

Quick, effective and fun training of your staff to the regulatory and legal aspects in your industry and business in particular. This is what Woonoz proposes thanks to our Memory Anchoring® engine that makes it possible to assess participants’ level and guarantee thorough, fast and long-lasting memorisation. For several years now Woonoz has been creating tailored training modules addressing such aspects. We also have off-the-shelf modules that are available on General Data Protection Regulation or Combatting Corruption for example.

Why Memory Anchoring®?

Memory Anchoring® delivers outstanding results
Woonoz revolutionary Memory Anchoring® technology makes it possible to assimilate four times more information than any other method. Typically, trainees only retain approximately 20 % of the content of a training course, whether it is delivered face to face or through e-learning. Woonoz radically changes this outcome while at the same time ensuring that 10 times more participants achieve excellence. According to a survey conducted with our clients, before benefiting from training sessions based on Memory Anchoring® only 6% of employees achieved 75% or more of correct answers at the final assessment test. After completing the modules proposed by Woonoz, the average rate of participants who achieved excellence soared to 93%! Memory Anchoring® guarantees fast and long-lasting memorisation, regardless of the participants’ initial level.