Neurosciences + Adaptive Learning = Memory Anchoring®

Definition of Memory Anchoring®

Training staff is a strategic lever for businesses to enhance their competitiveness. No doubt you are well aware of this and need to invest significantly in this respect. What you might not know however, is that 80 % of the key points of a training programme are forgotten within 7 days. In order to remedy this issue, Woonoz has turned to cognitive science and has developed an intelligent e-learning solution. Thanks to a sequence of situational exercises adapted to each participant it enables to maximise the ratio of information that is retained and reinforce the impact of the training programme.

Memory Anchoring®, an efficient and cost-effective training solution

The Memory Anchoring® engine developed by Woonoz stands therefore as an ideal solution to train staff. The return on investment of classroom or distance training programmes is often very low, as they tend to merely explain a set of key points without really taking long term memorisation into consideration. With Memory Anchoring® it is now possible to train your teams efficiently and durably. Pedagogical objectives are met while saving time and money… Companies that opt for Memory Anchoring® significantly improve their overall training efficiency and benefit from a real return on investment.

Memory Anchoring®

& neurosciences

Over the past twenty years, neuroscience has made significant progress and can now shed light on the complex processes involved in memory. We now know that it is easier to remember things that we understand and that make sense to us. It is also essential to test or assess what we have learned regularly. From a cognitive point of view inverted classroom pedagogy is more efficient than the traditional method. Each individual memorises information in a specific way, emotions and repetition are key to successful memorisation and, in order to be efficient, repetition must be spaced out and adapted to each learner’s individual pace. The Memory Anchoring® engine developed by Woonoz takes all of this into account, which is what makes it so compelling…

Memory Anchoring®

& Adaptive Learning

A training path that adapts to the profile of each participant, such is the promise upheld by Adaptive Learning. But the two methods are different. Macro Adaptive Learning is when adjustments are made to the sequence of different themes that are part of a given path. Micro Adaptive Learning is more focused on the participant’s behaviour within a given training programme, it adapts to the individual level and learning pace. This technology is particularly efficient for training and it is this technology that Woonoz offer via Memory Anchoring®
for a durable memorisation of key points with a minimum of effort.

Memory Anchoring®
& Artificial Intelligence

Although for some, AI still conjures Si-fi images of an automated robotic society, in reality it is nothing more than sophisticated software programming. Applied to the field of training AI makes it possible to create automated learning tools. The algorithm is capable of processing highly complex problems, it can analyse situations and learn from them. In the case of Woonoz, it analyses the participants’ behaviour, in particular their memory patterns, learning pace, and level of knowledge in order to create a personalised learning path in real time. Using a sequence of situational examples, the tool highlights the notions that are not yet mastered and enables participants to optimise learning and memorisation.

Memory Anchoring®
& French Tech

The French ministry for Economy, Industry and Digital is convinced that successful French start-ups should be encouraged in order to create economic value. As part of ‘French Tech’ – a Public Initiative – it has decided to act in favour of their growth and promotion on the international scene. Woonoz is a Technologically Innovative Company and has operated in this ecosystem ever since its creation in 2013. It has recently been awarded the ‘Pass French Tech’ label that rewards around one hundred booming companies considered to be among the gems of the ‘French Tech’. Boasting a profitable growth in excess of 50 % per year over the past 3 years, Woonoz now enjoys official recognition from the French state, which, in additional to attesting to its excellence, enables the company to benefit from specific support. Woonoz now stands as a leader in the digital training industry.

Why Memory Anchoring®?

Memory Anchoring® delivers outstanding results

Woonoz revolutionary Memory Anchoring® technology makes it possible to assimilate four times more information than any other method. Typically, trainees only retain approximately 20 % of the content of a training course, whether it is delivered face to face or through e-learning. Woonoz radically changes this outcome while at the same time ensuring that 10 times more participants achieve excellence. According to a survey conducted with our clients, before benefiting from training sessions based on Memory Anchoring® only 6% of employees achieved 75% or more of correct answers at the final assessment test. After completing the modules proposed by Woonoz, the average rate of participants who achieved excellence soared to 93%! Memory Anchoring® guarantees fast and long-lasting memorisation, regardless of the participants’ initial level.